COVID-19 Can Make Your Penis Shrink and Become Smaller

After over 2 years living with COVID-19, the effects of the virus on our bodies are being studied until now.

While the main effects of COVID-19 are well known, there are other symptoms associated with new COVID-19 variants being discovered and documented.

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One side effect that may come as a worry for males around the world is  the shrinking virus – where the penis can become dysfunctional or shrink as a result of a COVID-19 infection.

In the US, a man who talk on the sexual health podcast How To Do It Said That his penis become shorter after getting COVID-19.


Shorter Penis After Covid-19

The man mentioned that after he was discharge from hospital, he experience erectile dysfunction issue but it got better with some medical attention. However, he noticed that his penis has shrink by an inch and a half compared to when before he contracted with the virus.

This is pretty crazy and depressing if its true. However in the man case, doctors think that this is due to vein damage and likely to be permanent.

A study by University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida was carried out on two male who had Erectile dysfunction after getting infected by COVID-19.

The study: COVID-19 Endothelial Dysfunction Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction which published in The World Journal of Men’s Health found that there are traces of Covid-19 on their penis tissue.


Potential treatment

Thankfully, the problem might not last forever.

A guest of the Show “How To Do It”, Dr Charles Welliver an urologist at Albany Medical College said that those experiencing such problems can look into rehabilitative methods, including devices such as penis pumps or stretchers for treatment. This to help return lost girth and length.


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