How to get 12% a Day in BUSD Stable Coin Passive Income

We all know that everyone wants to have passive income. Cryptocurrency is giving the opportunities to make that passive money as we shared before on how to make money, at least $10 a day in cryptocurrency. This is on Avalanche blockchain.

Recently there is a protocol in Binance Smart Chain (BNB) called Oceans Finance and they are also a new opportunity to create a passive income in crypto.


This protocol has a Dapp called BUSD Miner which will give you up to 12% BUSD daily APR. If you invested $1000, you’ll get up to $120 daily. Cool right!

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What is OCEANS Finance BUSD Miner?

OCEANS Finance BUSD miner gives a fixed return of 12% per day (yes, you read it right, it’s 12% per day). However, there is a developer fee of 4% per day. Essentially, we end up with 8% per day.

8% is still a lot!

Most stablecoin miner or staking out there will give somewhere around 3%-5% so 8% a day? That’s a lot.

Is it reliable and sustainable? No one knows, they probably do daily compounding of others and new investors. These protocols also might invest our money in high-yield crypto investments, and use that yield to maintain the yield.

For the time being. It worked as intended so no complaint. However, this doesn’t mean it will work as intended in the future.

If you would like to give it a try, you may try OCEANS Finance BUSD Miner here. But as always, please only invest what you can afford to lose completely, because, nothing is guaranteed!

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How to Make Money With OCEANS Finance BUSD Miner?

To make money or mining BUSD, you have to buy their Waves token.

Waves token can only be bought within the Oceans Finance website. Once you bought Waves, it will be locked out in Waves smart contract and rewards you with up to 12% daily return. So if you are interested to try out, please ensure you can afford to completely lose the money money.

If OCEANS Finance protocol worked out as intended, this could be a life-changing deal in the long run.

If you would like to give it a try, you may try OCEANS Finance BUSD Miner here.

Risk of Investment

Of course with every investment, there always be risk. You might lose your investment.

Before you invest in anything, make sure to DYOR!

And last, please invest only money you comfortable loosing because crypto is a new space with a lot of risk.

And to remind, this is not a financial advice. I’m only sharing my experience with the protocol so far.

For those who are interested to invest, Please stay SAFU!


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