I’m Not Gonna Lie, I buy SHIBA INU as FOMO

Yes, not gonna Lie. I bought into FOMO.

On 22 October 2021, I met my friend whom I have not talked to for almost half a year due to the Pandemic and lockdown. We talked and he talked about how his investment in cryptocurrency has given him 100% profit over the course of half a year.

For the record, in early 2021 I was the one who talked him into investing. I talked him into stock investment and opening up Etoro trading account. Talked to him too, about Cryptocurrency and opening up Binance trading account.

Guess he did listen to me and started trading, and win big.

I already have cryptocurrency trading account with a few exchange; Luno Malaysia, Poloniex, HitBtc to name a few. I created these account in 2016, however I stopped using them.

In 2020, I started looking into Cryptocurrency again. This time, I open up Binance trading account since they are currently the largest exchange in the world. But again, I stopped using them again.

After I talked to my friend, I decided to open my Binance account to have a look, how things going on.

And at that moment, I saw trending news on Twitter about SHIBA INU is moving and I saw the price looking good.

I started Shiba Inu coin on 27.10.2021 and currently I was holding about 2.5 Millions coin of Shiba Inu at the cost around $150+-. However, the price seems to go down a bit. People also talked bad about this coin, but we are here just to make some money, some life changing money right?

And if we are lucky enough, maybe become the next crypto millionaires?

Hope this FOMO will pay big time, if it’s ever go down to zero,  I will loose my $150, lesson learned, and life goes on. We move to the next target.

Can I call myself a crypto enthusiast or a crypto investor now?

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