How To Celebrate Birthday In the Middle of MCO 2.0 Lockdown

So you have been asking,

“How la to celebrate birthday since its MCO 2.0 and we can’t go anywhere?

Well its not that hard. You can still celebrate birthday and stay at home right?

That’s what we have done.

My partner celebrated our good friend’s birthday in our house together with our good friend’s boyfriend.

How Did We Do It?

Well, its not exactly easy but not that difficult either. Just make sure you have friends and connections who are willing to help. Make sure to utilize food delivery services. Make sure to have friends who are willing to help.

  1. We decided that celebrating at home will be the perfect choices since we are in MCO. So we choose the date.
  2. Make sure she/he don’t know about it. Make sure they don’t even “smell” something fishy. It’s a surprise maa.
  3. Check the shop for cakes and what time they close, make sure you check food delivery if they cover your are and what options of cakes you will be getting for them.
  4. Plan how the surprise will be. Are you going to lock them up in their room and walla! Surprise! Or are you going to ask them to go out of the hose for a while, bring them back in the house and walla! Surprise! Just make sure to have a very good excuse.

Soo all the plan settled. Now just the food.

My girl and me cook the prawn and some others but damn I forgot to take pictures. You see when I saw food, I forgot everything

And we made fish grill too. Yeah you saw it too. I Awaken my inner chef.

So we made it simple as we are not able to go anywhere during this hard times, but at least some simple celebration for remembrance would do.

As what she says, if it’s not because of movement control order, we would’ve gone interstate!

Until then, just stay safe and stay at home.

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