Need Hena for your Wedding? You Can Visit Klang Little India

So few days before our friend’s wedding, my partner managed to get her dress from USJ 1… and 2 days before our friend’s wedding, our friend went to do her hena art drawing. She asked us to follow and we agreed. My partner wanted to get her hena art drawing too. So I just say yes. She is happy, so Im happy too right?

So we went to Little India in Klang, unfortunately the shop our friend wanted to visit was already closed. So we went wondering around hoping there would be other hena artwork shop around.

And we were lucky as we found one hena shop still open.

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At the entrance there is a book listing all the drawing design that they can do. The price are also different depending on the design chosen. From what I saw, the more complicated the design is, the higher the charges. The charges also will be charges per drawing. Means if you choose 1 design and you get it drawn on both hand, they’ll charge twice.

A few of the design available which I managed to snap. There’s a lot more design available to choose. There are simpler design and the charges are cheaper. If you don’t like to have a complicated drawing, you might want to chose a simple design.

Hena Drawing, Wedding Hena

Hena Drawing, Wedding Hena

Hena Drawing, Wedding Hena

I can really remember what was the time they started drawing but the artist took sometimes to do it. I never saw or never follow people do it before so I really can’t give a comparison of long it should take to do it but from my experience waiting, it took quite sometime to do the drawing on both hand.

If I remember correctly, we started around 7.30-8.00pm and we finished around 9.30pm. I think the girl boyfriend been calling her a few times during the session.

Hena Drawing, Wedding Hena
Still halfway to go on the second hand

The result was beautiful and I feel the time and money spent was worth it.

The complexities of the drawing looks difficult too and need good concentration of doing it. I am never gonna be able to do it. I was wondering how many hours she spent on training and learning to to get to this level but you’ll get better when you keep doing it right?

By the way, for both hand she paid around RM50 and I think that quite reasonable.

If you guys wanted to do the Hena Drawing, you can visit this shop or wonder around the Klang Little India. I think there’s another few shop around the area which do the same service.


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