Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan at Restoran Waneeda Tomyam

My partner went to do her hair today and to be honest, I never see women do their hair but to my surprise, she was there for 8 hours I am like, “did you go to work instead?

So since she was there for 8 hours, and I know she was starving, we went direct looking for food after she finished with her hair. So we went for Jalan-Jalan cari makan for a bit.

She choose Restoran Waneeda Tomyam and I obliged. No point arguing what to eat when they are hungry right? And plus, its better if girls decided what or where they want to eat, if not you’ll end up answering the question “where should we eat”. You know how is that going to turn out right?

The place is a bit small and crowded. The food on the other hand is quite good.
The service is fast as well. Me and my partner was surprised by the fast service rendered.
To my surprise, I think it took about 10 minutes or so for our food to be ready.

So here are some of the menu you can choose from.

Restoran Waneeda Menu, Food, Thai Food

Restoran Waneeda Menu, Food, Tom Yam

The price are quite okay for me. Here are our food.

We ordered Kailan Ikan Masin (This is one of my all time favorite), Daging Masak Merah, Sotong Goreng Tepung and also Kerang Masak Pedas.

The kerang masak pedas looks yummy!

…and this is my watermelon juice.  A big glass of watermelon juice for RM10.00

The only weird thing I found is that the fried squid was served with cabbage and some sambal which I never saw people serve like that before… but the taste was superb. You either dip the squid into the  sambal or dip the cabbage into the sambal… and it was superb.

The food was good… or maybe I was starving. haha. But to be honest, it was good.

So all this plus tapau for a fried rice was RM70.00. I’d say the price was quite okay I guess.

Their address are as follows if you are interested to check it out or just search for Restoran Waneeda Tomyam.

Address: 22A-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Can also visit their Facebook page : Restoran Waneeda Tomyam

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