Xin Fu Tang vs The Alley Boba Tea

After a while stuck at home, we decided today is the day we go out a bit. Still afraid with the Coronavirus as cases remain high but I thought, just go out but stay away from crowded place.

We went to Xin Fu Tang and The Alley – 2 shops side by side in SS2 Petaling Jaya and try their drink.

I did have The Alley before and today decided to write about it.

The Alley and Xin Fu Tang Boba Tea

Xin Fu Tang

Tried Xin Fu Tang’s brown sugar boba milk tea.

Taste was nice, I like it. Tasted a bit sweet but not so much. They put brown sugar, milk and the boba.

Xin Fu Tang Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea

The milk doesn’t really taste like milk, more of like Nescafe or Cappuccino. If I remember correctly, someone told me they use Farm Fresh’s  milk, one of the Malaysia producer milk which I like.

The picture was the one we take. The price is RM13+. Pricewise, is a bit expensive with that size but nonetheless, I enjoyed the tea.

The Alley

Tried their brown sugar milk tea as well.

The Alley tea was nice too but unlike the Xin Fu Tang we tried, this one the milk taste was quite strong. The taste also was a bit sweet but not so much.

I didn’t really like this one because the taste was more like a milk than a tea. But they might have other menu which tasted better.

The Alley Boba Tea

This is the one that we tried. Price wise, this one is RM14+. I think its quite expensive too.


In terms of price, I think it’s a bit expensive for me for a drink like this but once a while it doesn’t hurt to enjoy these drinks.

The taste however, I will lean more to Xin Fu Tang due to the taste which more like a Nescafe, while The Alley taste more like milk.

I’m going to try their other drinks again in the future.

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