6 Things I Need to Priorities In life Post Covid-19


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So 2020 we were shocked by the coronavirus covid-19 going rampant on the whole world. Now in early 2021, some company may have developed some vaccines but that doesn’t sound like it 100% working. We hope that in few months time though, someone or some company managed to create vaccine which can 100% works and we are back to our normal life just like before the virus.

With coronavirus around the world, lots of people lost their job and many more lost their live due to the covid-19. With lockdown around the world, many are stuck in their house without able to go anywhere.
Just at the end of 2019, we all are a bunch of happy people going on with our lives and planning for future, just to be crush by the pandemic few months later.

Because of what is happening around the world and around me, I decided on things that should I and priorities for a better and secure future in terms of my life in general including financial and carrier.

1. Just Do What You Want. YOLO!
I don’t want to wait to do thing that I like or I want unless it going to harm me and you should too. Lol. Yes you heard me. Just do it!
You wanna go to that bungee jumping? Yes go! You like that girl or that boy? tell them! you’ve got nothing to loose.
you want to start that business? start a new YouTube channel? yes do it! You don’t know when the world gonna go crazy like how we are today.

I’ve been wanting to have and write a blog for a long time but never do it, now I started with this blog lol.

2. Be Happy and Appreciate Life
Being happy is a choice, appreciate what you have while striving to be more or to get more. You might not able to buy that sport car you’ve eyeing for but still you have a car to go around with your loved one and that’s all that matter.
I just want to be happy and forget all thing that can make me depress. Forget the bad one but remember the lesson and remember all those happy moment.

3. Choose Company With a Good Financial Position
This is important. Look at what happen when pandemic started. A lot of company going under due to not being able to generate sales which the source of money to pay their operations, their employee, you and me. But I don’t even know how to do this. Should I ask the company I’m interviewing, “Hey how long you can survive without any sales”?
That’s sound rude. lol.

4. Save Money, and Save More Money.
Yeah you heard it. lots of people lost their job during this pandemic, so it’s better to my safety net to fall back if anything happen.

5. Take Care of  Health and Exercise More!
Yeah, one aspect I’m looking into is health and enough exercise. I’ve been living in lockdown and rarely go out. I go out only for buying food and Im working from home so. Going out these days. With this lifestyle, feels like my body are getting weaker and weaker.

6. Start Investing to Grow Money
Yeah, money don’t grow on trees but it definitely can grow in our bank account. So I started to learn to invest either locally or oversea especially in Stock market. I started using Etoro for investing and trading in oversea stock market. I might talk about using Etoro Soon.

So that’s all 6 of the things that I want to prioritize in 2021. Whatever it is our plan, stay safe is top priority.

Stay safe and wear mask!

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