Happy Birthday! Birthday Gift Idea for Your Partner

So your partner’s birthday is around the corner but you don’t have an Idea what to give them for birthday? Try This tips below.

By the way, I just celebrated my 36 birthday 3 days ago and my partner insisted to buy me gift while I ask her many times not to buy me expensive gift. Well you know, as I wanted to save as much money as possible to be invested for retirement and emergency fund. This time, I couldn’t resist!

Meet T-Rex! My new toy, a Buggy Remote control.

RC Crawler Buggy, Birthday Gift

It was promoted as a rock crawler but for me the speed is too fast for a crawler. I assume this is a buggy. The price is not that expensive but it hurt me thinking that I have spent that much money. But then again, I never have this kind of toy when I was a kid so why not right?

You can get this buggy rc crawler in shoppe with around RM100+ here.

I’m so happy and excited with this by the way. lol.

I also get a book, The Buy Side. Im going to read this book and maybe some review. lol

Books, The Buy Side, Birthday Gift

Tips For your Partner’sĀ  gift

Okey, so for the tips, you may try this tips below;

1. See what they interested in or Jump for A second when they saw it

Before getting the gift, my partner has been has been observing what I like, what I like watching on YouTube and what books i like reading. She also knows that I like trading and investing so she knows exactly what are the things to buy for me.

So the easiest way is to observe them. Once a while you can see them jump for a second for things they like or they like to see it too often.

For guy, you can think of getting them that rc crawler car just like mine, the’ll like it or see if they like trading or reading, you can get them a book.

2. Check in what they like

If steps number 1 doesn’t work, you go for step 2. My partner has been going through my Shoppe and Lazada apps for a while. She will see what are the things in my basket because well, often times when we like something we will save it in our basket just to come back again to see it hoping that we have more money to buy it.

This sounds like evading their privacy but really this is just their shopping apps so for me its no big deal.

If all the tips failed, then just dare to fail! Buy things that you think they’ll like it hoping they will like it. Or why not ask them directly right?

If you have any other tips, share it below!

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