My Malaysian Driving License Journey and How I Passed It

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So you start your driving class but worry you will fail like the guy who says  he failed the driving test for 10 times and wonder how to pass it? This is my journey of how I passed my Malaysian driving license. Worry not, I will share my tips on how to pass the driving test with flying colors.

Before we go to the tips, lets take a look at the procedures to get a driving license in Malaysia.

Step 1: Register with a driving school

Before you can step on the pedal and learn to drive, you have to obtain a L driving license or Learner Driving License. First step is you have to register yourself to a recognized driving institution. The fees will vary depends on the school and the packages they offer you. There are many driving institutions just do a quick Google Search and you’ll find many around you.

Step 2: Complete the Theory and Computer Examination

Once you registered, you will given a handbook which you need to study required to sit in a Theory class for 6 hours. After you have completed the theory class, you will need to sit for a computer theory exam for 45 minutes. For a computer theory exam, you will need to answer 50 question and must answer correctly at least 32 questions.

Step 3: In circuit Training

If you passed the Computer theory exam, you will obtain the L or Learner driving license. Only after you get this license you can step on the pedal. In circuit training, you learn to drive within the circuit coach by an instructor. You will do this for 8 hours.

Step 4: On The Road Training

Here you will be practicing driving on the road, following a designated route. You will learn driving on the road for 8 hours.

Step 5: The Test!

The test will be conducted by the Road Transport Department officials. You pass this, you get that plastic piece with your name and picture on it. You will get a P driving license or Probationary driving license and now you are allowed to drive legally on Malaysia road.

How to get a Driving license in malaysia
Steps By Steps on how to obtain your driving license

So in total, you will need 22 hours and 45 minutes spent to obtain this license, provided that you passed all test.

So how exactly I passed my test and obtained my driving license?

The day before the test, I was so nervous. I was afraid I will just fail. But I did passed and get my license.

So how did I do it?

This is the car I use for training

Here are the tips on how I passed my computer theory test and practical JPJ test.

1. Read the book and do the training question as many as you can.

To pass the theory computer test, just do this like you do your exam in school. You do the example question. its the same things. Just do a quick internet search with “JPJ Test Question” search key and you’ll find tons of question on the internet. Answer the training as much as you can, you’ll be amazed that the real question during the test will be the same with the training question or at least 90% same.

Just so you know, I passed with 50/50 on the theory computer test.

2. Don’t be nervous

To pass the practical driving test on the road, the first things is don’t be nervous. If you get nervous, you’ll forgot all the things that your coach teach you and you’ll panic and start making mistakes. This is the main problem. Driving is easy, you just need to be relax.

3. Watch videos on how people do it.

Yeah, there are many videos on Youtube on how people do it. Watching this will give you an idea on how to do it.

3. Practice makes perfect

Go and borrow your dad’s car or your sister’s car. Learn how to drive, the parking, the movement. Just practice and never stop practice.


Yeah! I got my license!

Driving License
This is that plastic piece you wanted to much


After about half of year driving on the road, I don’t feel as nervous anymore compare to when started. The tips? Just relax and take it easy, it’ll gets better.

Saw people say they failed a lot of times on obtaining their license, my advice is take it easy and just practice, you pass it in the end.

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