Animix Shop Aeon Shah Alam – Reminder of My Childhood

Anime, Animix Shop, Book Shop

I went out today with my partner to Aeon Mall Shah Alam. Yeah it’s still lockdown but we need some stuff so we went out.

Then I found a shop, book shop called Animix, which is located in Aeon Mall Shah Alam on the first floor. This shop sells a lot of anime figura and toys as well.

It reminds me a lot of my childhood who likes anime so much. If you remember Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Bleach, and a lot of other Anime, you have an awesome childhood.

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Anime, Animix Shop, Book Shop
My favourite Anime Naruto!

And if you remember Gavan and Kamen rider, you are a legend!

I still remember when I was a boy, watching Kamen Rider and Gavan on a black and white television. I think that was around 1990 more or less. But still it’s in my mind until today.

I remember it vaguely when it’s time for that program, I will sit in front of the TV with my brother and mother. Back then, there are no electricity so all we do is connect that TV set to a battery but  I can’t remember exactly the specifications of the battery. I think that was something like the battery you use in a car.

And when I was in primary schools, we don’t have a lot of entertainment back in the days. But TV set already have that colorful display like today but still no internet, no mobile phone, no Youtube. So every weekend, there will be TV program for kids including cartoon and anime. I watch a lot of cartoon and anime back in the days.

When I’m in secondary school and especially when I’m in University, I learn about anime a lot and I watched Naruto a lot too include some other Anime and this shops remind me lot of the past.

I might go into collecting these figura next but seems like collecting these items require a lot of money.

By the way, if you are same like me who are interested with these kind of thing, you can visit this shop.

Animix shop located at different location. Through some search I found a few location below.

Animix Shop Sunway Pyramid

Animix Shop IOI City Mall

Animix Shop Palm Mall Seremban

There is one in Aeon Shah Alam Mall as well.


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  1. I’m wondering… I work at the food court till last march and there’s a boy working there and his name is Jackson. He’s chinese and have a slander body. I wonder if you’ve seen anyone like that working there rn?

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